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To share your unique, original Finger Ring & String move, or Ring & Rope move, please record it on video and send a link to the email address on the left. Recommendations: Don't post the secret on YouTube. You can send a large video file using a service like YouSendIt.com.    See additional contributions below the Relentless R&S Contributers.

Contributers to the New Relentless Ring & String Routine DVD:
Dan Garrett
Dan Garrett
Entertainer, speaker, international award-winning magician, author, wizard, psychic entertainer, and cool guy. (:}D)          For a free catalog email your request to dangarrett@aol.com

Dan Garrett's Dip Move was originally published in "The Faustus Ring", as re-published in "Magic with Finger Rings" by Jerry Mentzer. The original routine can be found in his "Top Ten Lecture Notes" and on his Close-Up Connivery video.
Raju Madhok submitted two moves on the Relentless DVD:
1. No String Attached, which is an integral part of Relentless (Apocalypse. May 1988)
2. The Uncanny Penetrating Finger Ring. (Apocalypse. May 1987)
  Ed Solomon submitted an interesting variation of the Hunter Shoelace Knot
  Ed Bowlus submitted a ring release using the Hunter Shoelace Knot
  Richard Reid submitted a "convincer" to demonstrate the ring on the string, and a nice release.
  Phil Mesina submitted the Ring Release from the Crazy Man's Handcuffs
  Melvin Agcaoili submitted two items:
1. The Ring from Box ending
2. The Ring Appears in a One-Handed Knot
Joe Turner Joe M. Turner.     Corporate Magician, Atlanta, GA. submitted The Un-Wedding Ring.

Joe Turner's "The Un-Wedding Ring" on YouTube.
Also published in Genii, Jan. 2009 issue.
Stephen Ablett Stephen Ablett's Ring Tricks DVD is the place to learn his unique manipulation tricks with a finger ring.
His Ring Thru Fist move is included in the new Relentless DVD.

Stephen Ablett is a professional magician from England.
He is the winner of numerous magic awards including Cabaret Magician of the Year 2008 & 2009.
He is an author of seven books and has produced many educational magic DVDs.
Vinny Marini
Vinny Marini's All Access site has a nice R&S routine  

His Ring Release / Move #4 is taught and demonstrated on Relentless.
More Moves
Raju Madhok  "Indian Ring & String trick"
MagicPedia   "Finger Ring & Rope Magic"


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